Metal Art

Commissioned Metal Art William Ferguson, along with his company Ferguson Fabrication, offer the opportunity to create public art work and produce quality commissioned artwork for government art commissions, regional arts and cultural programs, architects, fellow artists, art lovers and interior designers.  William and his company are capable of creating public iron artwork at their facility, shipping finished work to site locations and completing the installation on site.   Along with setting of large ironwork on site, the company has experience working with crane operators as well. This custom wrought iron facility offers our own in-house custom powder coating finishes for metal artwork structures requiring a durable interior or exterior finish.  Of course, there are some size restrictions, but as long as the sculpture falls within certain size limits or can be made from smaller portions, then attached to combine into a larger art piece, these beautiful finishes are available. Metal sculptor, William Ferguson discovered years ago, working in industrial facilities creating shapes of ducting, custom fittings and Geo thermal scrubbers, he enjoyed creating unique shapes and structures from steel. With a natural talent for shaping, metal has definitely been his chosen media for crafting works for 25 years.  Those who witnessed William’s first commissioned metal art work, watched him systematically bring his personal concept drawing and raw materials into a beautiful sculpture with what appeared to be ease.    The sculpture was purchases as a monument to a great man, Richard Steffey, whose wife, Barbara had requested it, and had it placed within her master’s garden.   Barbara then crowned Bill, ‘William the Sculpture’, a gracious gift from a wonderful woman. Creating public art is something William and wife Kerry had dreamed about when first envisioned their company.  Through the years to present time, custom ornamental iron railings and gates have given us many opportunities to exhibit our facility’s creative talents, while still keeping with each project’s necessary purpose for each client.  Each project created is a new creation, ending with a sense of achievement and we’re truly grateful for each and every one. Now and in the future, it is the desire of William Ferguson to pursue opportunities in the public sculptural art realm.  There is something to be said about large metal sculptures; they defy logic in scale, amplifying their creative statement, with enormity of presence.  Metal is an amazing media, the manipulation of it’s form has been a passion of humans for centuries.  Ferguson Fabrication continues this tradition, today.

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