Entry Gates & Automation

Entry Gates & Automation

:::::::::: Entry Gates ::::::::::

Our custom entry gates are constructed of heavy wall tubing frames, for the best structural integrity. Elite power hinges for longevity & superior swing performance. For the ultimate finish, we prepare our metal with media blasting & then apply a durable powder coat finish, here at our facility, with many colors & textures available to choose from. Entry gate posts start with a standard 5 inch square post, sizes can go up with gate proportions. Posts are mounted, at the site, on threaded imbeds, set in concrete, for endless adjustability. We have many years of experience designing entry gates & would be more than happy to create a design or work with clients to turn their design into reality. Whether your home is Craftsman, Asian, Victorian, Country or Modern.. We can create a gate that fits your style or interests.

:::::::::: Automation ::::::::::

Now THIS is living! Just as you approach your driveway, you hit a button, almost subconsciously, your entry gate swings open to accept & greet you upon arrival. Drive through & dutifully your entry gate closes securely behind you. Today they have entry systems that make it possible to open your gate, for say your gardener, while you’re on vacation in Florida from your cell phone. Pretty amazing! Outside doing yard work? Just have your phone with you & you won’t miss a visitor at the gate. When your guests leave the gate closes for security behind them. Gone are the days… Of stopping the car, leaving the kids unattended, in the rain at time with the kids & THE RAIN, getting out of your nice warm vehicle (or pleasantly, cooled vehicle) to unchain or unlatch your gate, then back into your vehicle, pulling it through, getting back to secure it, then back into your car to get to the house and unload the groceries, the kids, etc… Gone are the days… Of leaving your home vulnerable to thieves driving a large van directly up to your front door & loading up your valuables. Gone are the days… Of strangers driving up to knock on your door with solicitations & unnecessary offers. Gone are the days… of look-I-loos just out for a drive & because their curiosity got the best of them, they enter your driveway, “Just to see what’s up there.” Especially, for those in the process of building your home, with all your beautiful building materials avilable for anyone to take & strangers roaming through your construction site.

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